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When you’re looking for DNS Hosting Services it’s very important to think about the location of your customers or website visitors and choose a hosting service in that location. Why you ask? If your DNS is hosted on the other side of the world when your customers request your webpage, emails or application it then need to be sent to the servers ask them where to find it and back with a response.  If it’s on the other side of the work it’s going to take much longer than it would if the servers were closer. Say in Melbourne or Sydney. This is called latency.  
Many cheap dns hosting providers are based in the US or Europe so if you’re an Australian business and require dns hosting this is NOT going to be the right solution for you. Super Domains offers Australian based dns service. This means the requests are going to be fast, reliable and your customers will be responded t to in lighting speeds.
What is DNS Hosting?
The Domain Name System (DNS) is a various leveled naming system for computers, servers or any asset joined with the Internet or a private network. In simple terms it translates your “Friendly” domain name like “” into an IP address so it can send you to the correct destination on the internet.
Why would I need it?
Super Domains DNS hosting permits you to utilize your domain name register for a small yearly fee withouthaving to buy full website hosting. This is commonly used when you are using a “Website builder” for your website, local intranet or mail server at your business or even google apps. Super Domains offers a safe dns control panel to modify the zone records for your area.
Super domains provide you the various services like:
- Domain Forwarding
- IP Forwarding
- Email Forwarding
Domain Forwarding 
The website you already own with the advanced option for domain mirroring, cloaking etc you can forward your domain name to that website. It is good for brand recognition and the SEO purpose.
IP Forwarding:
If you have your own company email server such as Microsoft Exchange then you can forward your mail directly to your office with the help of IP Forwarding.
Email Forwarding:
You can Redirect unlimited email addresses to different email accounts. Also you can redirect secondary domain name emails to your primary with no email hosting costs. 
And this all happen with help of Super domains


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